60 Percent of Small Business Owners Will Require New Workers to Be Vaccinated: Poll

More than half of small business owners said they will be requiring new employees to get inoculated against coronavirus, according to a new poll.

The survey, commissioned by Digital.com, found 60 percent of business owners running operations of 100 people or less will mandate newly hired workers receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

Twenty-three percent of owners surveyed said they were considering such a requirement, while 19 percent of bosses surveyed said it won’t be necessary for new workers to be vaccinated. The majority of small business owners not requiring vaccination are located in the South and Midwest, according to the poll.

A majority of the businesses asking new hires to be vaccinated or are considering the mandate—78 percent—are also requiring current employees to get the vaccine. Plus, three-quarters of those owners said they’d fire an employee for refusing to get the shot for personal reasons, not health reasons.

Yungi Chu, the owner of…

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