A Guide To Your Mid-Year Business Review

Mid-Year Business Review


Happy July!

It’s hard to believe the year is officially halfway over. Life has changed since last year. Businesses are opening up, people are walking around without masks, and you might even be planning a vacation. I hope you’re able to take a break and enjoy this summer.

Before you do that, though, why not take the time to do some mid-year business clean-up? I’m a huge proponent of tackling projects in small chunks. But, unfortunately, too many business owners wait until the end of the year to clean up different aspects of their business. By that point, it’s an enormous, overwhelming task.

If you knock off some of these tasks now, you’ll thank yourself down the road. Here’s an actionable checklist to help you.

Remember, progress not perfection

Before we get started, let’s think about the purpose of this review. It’s not to shame or overwhelm you. It’s simply to create some…

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