A plea to women thinking of leaving the ad business

There continue to be massive struggles for women in this industry—including racism, discrimination and sexism—which cannot be ignored. 

But if you find the right places and people, there can be many rewards, including relationships, creativity, camaraderie, growth, opportunity, influence and inspiration. Role models including Bozoma Saint John, Cindy Gallop, Kristen Cavallo and Colleen DeCourcy have paved the way.

And the progress we have been able to make with representation is encouraging.

I look around at the powerful, inspiring, smart-as-hell women around me —colleagues, clients and friends—and cannot help but feel extremely grateful and thankful, especially during this season, to work in our industry, and with no intention of leaving it. 

For me, the good outweighs the hard. Hard can be fun. Hard we can do.

My plea to women in advertising is: Can we shift our focus from those departing the business and celebrate those who are driving…

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