Black, Minority-Owned Business Conference Uses Chauvin Sentencing As Teaching Moment – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Minnesotans used Derek Chauvin’s sentencing day as an opportunity to learn and grow with each other. In Apple Valley, a group of black and minority business owners made sure they’d be together when they heard the Judge Peter Cahill’s decision.

The Growth Conference hosted their first annual event at Rosemount Minnesota National Guard Armory on Friday night. The date of this conference was intentionally scheduled on the day of the sentencing of ex-officer Derek Chauvin after he was found guilty of killing George Floyd back in April.

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The emcee of the conference, Tayo Daniel, spoke to the audience entrepreneurs.

“We’re seeing a lot of killings going on in the community and I think the more economically sufficient we are, the lower that will happen, right?” he said.

An activist himself, Daniel felt it would be important to spend the…

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