BlocHaven brings 25,000-square-foot bouldering gym to Judson Mill

Every climb is different and every climber is different and at BlocHaven bouldering gym at Judson Mill, owner Doug Johnson and team have created a roomy, mezzanine-style, 25,000-square-foot space capable of challenging even the most skilled of climbers.

Johnson, a longtime software developer and IT executive, said the gym is a family business.

Photo by Rick Spruill

“We’re a homeschooling family and we’re all into climbing, so this is something we wanted to do together,” he said of he and wife, Teri, and their seven children, one who is a former member of the USA climbing team.

Located in the 800,000-square-foot Judson Mill mixed-use historic mill redevelopment, BlocHaven offers climbers of all ages and skills a variety of options. There are 16-foot bouldering and rope-climbing walls designed by Utah-based Vertical Solutions, a pair of app-based training walls that, combined, offer climbers almost 80,000 different climbing challenges, a yoga…

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