Broncos QB Teddy Bridgewater on Aaron Rodgers Rumors: ‘Nature of the Business’

As an eight-year veteran on his fifth NFL team, Teddy Bridgewater has circled the league long enough to understand its inner workings — what and why things happen in the ultimate dog-eat-dog business.

Such as why he suffered (and overcame) a career-threatening injury in Minnesota or why he recently was kicked out of Carolina in favor of, all people, Sam Darnold. Or what his once-meteoric future now holds in Denver, vying with Drew Lock for the Broncos’ starting job.

Or what will become of that job, with Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers reportedly looking to play elsewhere this season — and specifically eyeing the Rockies.

Bridgewater, as down-to-earth a pro QB as you’ll ever find, does not own the answers, nor a crystal ball. He can, and will, control only the controllable and allow the dominoes to fall where they may. Wisely, to his credit.

Just call him Teddy Temperament.

“I understand the nature of the business,’’ Bridgewater said…

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