Business chiefs warn against suspending Northern Ireland protocol | Northern Ireland

Business leaders have warned Lord Frost that triggering article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol would be a “lose-lose” move.

As Frost prepares to reiterate his threat to suspend the protocol using article 16 in two appearances at next week’s Conservative party conference, businesses in Northern Ireland have said such a step would add to the legal uncertainty for traders and damage the economy.

A group of trade representatives met Frost at a face-to-face meeting last week in Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland.

Those at the meeting said Frost made it clear that triggering article 16 was under consideration but that he would not be dumping the protocol completely. “He was very, very keen to stress that there was a still a need for an international treaty,” said one at the meeting.

They said that triggering article 16 would have a chilling effect on trade in and out of Northern Ireland.

“It will not persuade a single person who is not…

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