Business Highlights: Chemical shortage, Powell’s return


From paints to plastics, a chemical shortage ignites prices

NEW YORK (AP) — In an economy upended by the coronavirus, shortages and price spikes have hit everything from lumber to computer chips. Not even toilet paper escaped. Now they’re cutting into one of the humblest yet most vital links in the global manufacturing supply chain: The plastic pellets that go into a vast universe of products ranging from cereal bags to medical devices, automotive interiors to bicycle helmets. Like other manufacturers, plastic, paint and other petrochemical companies have been shaken by the pandemic and by the way consumers and businesses responded to it. Yet petrochemicals, which are made from oil, have also run into problems all their own, one after another.


Russia arrests leading cybersecurity exec on treason charges

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian authorities have arrested an executive of a top cybersecurity company on the charges of high treason, a move that has…

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