Business ownership rates skewed significantly by race and gender in the Cape Fear Region

Kelly Kenoyer: Who tends to own the businesses in Wilmington?

Dante Haywood: Yeah, what we see in the data is that the primary business owners are most definitely white males. Especially considering their impact.

Well, first off the region is about 75 to 77% white. But within that white population, they just account for so many more businesses, per capita, that it’s, it’s actually kind of amazing. And we think about networks and how people can infiltrate those networks and, you know, get the connections that they need to start a business to get credit. It’s the people, quite frankly, with the power to, you know, help people in those positions are majorly white.

KK: Did COVID-19 impact businesses differently depending on who the owners were?

DH: Yes, most…

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