Business writing tips from Elmore Leonard

There’s nothing like a pandemic to spur media consumption. At this point, I’ve binged almost everything from classics such as “The Sopranos” (yes, I’d never seen it) to pop-culture kitsch like “Tiger King” to phenomenal new shows such as “The Queen’s Gambit.”

I’ve also done some binge reading as well. I’m a sucker for mystery novels with a soft spot for the works of Agatha Christie and Elmore Leonard.

In digging deeper on Leonard, one can’t help but be impressed by his prolific output with more than 70 novels, short stories and screenplays spanning the genres of Western, crime, and suspense.

A whopping 26 of his works such as “Get Shorty” have been adapted for the screen.

Leonard’s popularity is simple — his writing is easy to read. His lean sentences and spare dialogue…

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