CGTN:Bloomberg’s COVID-19 ranking epitomizes ‘business first, humans last’

CGTN First Voice studied the metric used by Bloomberg to rank the countries and finds it has a very strong pro-business bias. Of the 12 components, only four measure “Quality of Life,” and two of those could be counted as measuring economic activity. In this way, the U.S. having had the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the world and the more than 600,000 American lives lost barely register in the ranking.

And the ranking metric treats lockdown as a vice. The two additional metrics in this round that led to U.S. jumping to the first place are “the ease and moving in and out of a place” and “how much air travel has recovered.” There are total of four components measuring the speed of lifting COVID-19 restrictions, treating this as if lifting them is “always and incontestably a good idea.” Places that are still conducting lockdowns to fight the pandemic are penalized.

“Keep the economy humming; nothing else matters,” CGTN First Voice wrote….

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