City of College Station reminding local businesses of business sign ordinance, educating before citing

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — The City of College Station says they have been sensitive to the struggles that loomed over local businesses and their operations, including sign regulations.

Some signs are allowed, but some aren’t.

The sign ordinance has been in place for over 10 years. The City is giving ample time before enforcement action.

During the pandemic, to help businesses out, enforcement efforts were relaxed, now code enforcement officers are reeducating businesses about the ordinance.

Meet Julie Caler, a code enforcement officer for the City of College Station. She looks for city code violations.

“Whether it’s weeds and grass, your trash cans being left out, open storage, or (like what we are talking about today) off-premise signs, temporary free standing signs, illegal signs,” Caler said.

Enforcement officers say, the sign ordinance was relaxed, as they let residents throughout the community know, businesses were still here.

“Now that the Governor has…

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