Closed border hurts small businesses in McAllen, Texas

Help wanted is an understatement in McAllen, Tx. As the economy bounces back from the pandemic, local businesses are struggling to find workers to meet the demand.

“As a small business owner, I’m concerned about job creation,” says Eliza Garza, co-owner of Iced Cube Shaved Ice.

Garza and her business partner Margret Debruyn opened shop in November 2020. Now, they manage three locations, with plans to take their brand national in the coming weeks. 

“It’s hard for me to find employees,” says Garza. “The good thing about this business is that it thrives on young teens that want to have a fun job for the summer. However, when it comes to finding higher tiered management, it’s hard to find people that want to work right now.”

Companies across the country have expressed similar concerns. A supplemental unemployment benefit of an extra $300 per week has encouraged many to stay home, however, that is now a thing of…

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