Our Vision

Our vision and ambition when we started was to be the dominant international broker dealer of quality product wherever traded in the world. Additionally, we wanted to build a company which we would always be proud to represent, while working with exceptional clients and people.

We knew we had to deliver what the markets demanded:

Fast, reliable execution
Up-to-date technology
Efficient clearing and settlement

To achieve our goals, we consistently focus on maintaining the highest of standards:

  • To serve our clients first and foremost.
  • To uphold the highest standards of integrity.
  • To aspire to excellence in all aspects of our relationships and operations.
  • To maintain an exceptional professional reputation, both corporate and personal.
  • To strive for consistent profitability.

Stratford Management FAQ

Do you provide discretionary account management services?

Yes. Discretionary accounts are available to clients with minimum US$500,000 assets under management, or family accounts combined to US$1,000,000.

How do I pay for your services? How are you compensated?

Regular portfolios are commission-based. Discretionary accounts are fee-based. Non-discretionary accounts in excess of US$500,000 have the option to choose.

Are my investment returns guaranteed?

No. We mark long-term progress against historical results, and do regular reviews to ensure investment goals are consistent with your life, and investments are meeting your needs.

What services do you provide?

We provide holistic wealth management. This can include financial planning, portfolio management, retirement and estate planning, and tax sheltering strategies.

How would you describe a typical Stratford Management client?

We welcome everybody. Individuals, families and organizations. Our advisors work with clients across a broad wealth spectrum.

Stratford Management Inc.

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Shinjuku Mains Tower 28F
Tokyo, 151-0053

How can we help you?

Contact us at Stratford Management. Our team of professionals is ready to be of service.

“Thank you for everything. In addition to the wisdom and helpful financial guidance, the time you take explaining things give me a better understanding of what’s happening in the world.”

Susan K.
Retired, Family Law

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