Councilman, business owner launch latest effort to combat gun violence in Durham ::

Durham, N.C. — In recent weeks, one person was shot every day, on average, in Durham, according to police department statistics.

Some say the city’s efforts to battle gun violence have become politicized, and there’s no time for continued talk without action.

“We’re doing the right-now work,” said business owner Leonardo Williams, who has helped launch the 1,000 Black Men Collective.

The community-funded effort, which City Councilman Mark-Anthony Middleton also helped organize, will launch in the next few weeks to provide mentors to work in violence-plagued communities to tackle root causes of the violence, from jobs to education to inadequate resources.

“There can be ideas after ideas after ideas, but when you rely on a government institution, you’re going to have to deal with red tape, process [and] bureaucracy. Death and crime is not…

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