Dart: Townsend makes business out of custom pools – Mississippi’s Best Community Newspaper

Anthony Townsend and Henry Smith were cleaning a pool on Thistledown Lane in Natchez, close to where The Dart landed Friday morning.

Since 2008, Townsend said he has owned his own business Custom Pools. Smith said he started working with him about 14 years ago. His daughter was a newborn then. He uses her age to figure out when he began work with Townsend.

He said there is a lot of problem-solving when working on a pool.

“It’s just as much mental work as it is physical work,” Smith said.

One small part or problem can shut down a job site. During The Dart, a piece of equipment broke, which halted their progress on cleaning the pool.

Townsend said he bought the business from Billy Overby. He built a store on Highway 61 North and sold pools and furniture for many years. During the summers, they would work on pools, and during the winter, they would work on building the store, Townsend said.


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