Democrats’ Tax Plans Worry High-Income Business Owners

The largest closely held businesses would face a series of overlapping tax increases under Democratic proposals, leading to heavier burdens on high-income owners of partnerships and S corporations.

The plan, detailed in September by the House Ways and Means Committee, seeks to raise about $2 trillion over a decade to expand the social safety net and combat climate change. The House plan differs from the Biden administration’s proposals, and it is likely to change again as lawmakers negotiate the size and details of their agenda.

Most mom-and-pop businesses would see little or no change in their tax bills under the proposal. But owners of some larger, more profitable companies are raising alarms.

“Dollar for dollar, that is going to reduce our ability to reinvest in the business and grow the business,” said

John Frieling,

chairman of Precision Components Group, based in York, Pa., which makes…

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