Drought causes low river levels; Tubing and kayak business isn’t worried

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – With high temperatures and little rain, water levels in local rivers have decreased.

Michael Marti who owns Sugar River Adventures, a tubing and kayak business, said there’s less room for his tubes to move left and right. However, there’s also some benefits to the shallow river.

“It’s the lowest that I’ve ever seen it since we’ve been in business,” said Marti.

People have been floating down Sugar River for three years with his business. Even with the water levels dropping, he is not worried.

“With the absence of the snow and showers in the month of April, that has put us in the scenario that we’re in right now with very low water levels,” said Marti.

He said he saw water levels start to drop as early as last August.

“Regardless of if the water is high or low, there are always challenges either for a kayak or a river tube,” he said.

One benefit of a low river is a low current. That makes the ride easier for…

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