Eisenhower Center dismantling parts of Ann Arbor brain rehab business after no-fault changes

To date, Eisenhower Center has discharged 20 of its 152 patients — 13 percent — into long-term rehabilitation care with auto insurance coverage, Cornack said.

“Some have gone to other providers, some have gone home, some have just kind of gone out into the streets,” Cornack said. “We’re trying to help the ones that we still can.”

Cornack pegs Eisenhower Center’s survival beyond Labor Day at “highly unlikely.”

“We won’t even know that probably until the end of next month (August),” said Cornack, the longtime president of the lobbying organization Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault.

Eisenhower Center’s Jacksonville facility can operate with a higher ratio of staff to patients and there’s a lower cost of living in northeast Florida, Cornack said.

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America rents the Jacksonville facility — a former site of the PGA Tour Stop shop — to the Eisenhower Center for more “reasonable” rates than it pays in the heart of…

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