Elk City coming back to life after COVID-19 | Business

Just as the fledgling Elk City district of Charleston prepared to take off last spring, COVID-19 dealt the same on-the-nose haymaker it distributed to businesses across the country.

Those interested in the area’s welfare were no doubt concerned the district had sustained a fatal hit. Restaurants shut down for weeks. Upon reopening, they accepted only take-out orders, which worked better than expected. Retailers held on the best they could.

“If I hadn’t had a PPP [payment protection program loan], I wouldn’t have made it,” said Robert McComas, 42, of Nitro, who owns Green Infusion, a cannabis-based establishment heavy on CBD and Delta-8 products. “I almost went under.”

Things look better these days, as vaccination levels have allowed life to return to mostly normal. McComas said March, April and May were record months, and more than halfway through June he was looking for another milestone.

For McComas, twin…

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