Employers, business experts discuss post-pandemic workforce shortage

MINOT, N.D. – You might remember before the pandemic there was a bit of a workforce shortage in Ward County.

According to Job Service ND, that issue may have resurfaced.

Employers all around Minot are looking to multiply their workforce so they are putting up signs to attract new employees

Employers are looking for skilled laborers in fields like financial administration as well as restaurant workers and other retail fields.

“We are certainly seeing a job seeker’s market because of all the positions that are available,” said Jobs ND Workforce Center Manager Susan Ogurek.

And employers are definitely trying to do everything they can to fill these positions.

“The challenge has been not only for restaurants but businesses across not only the city and state but coast to coast businesses are just struggling to find employees and coming up with all sorts of creative ways to attract new employees,” said Preferred Restaurant Group Director of Marketing…

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