Engaging In Activism That “Picks A Side” Can Be Bad For Business



Whether it is Nike, Starbucks, or Gillette, large brands are wading into hot water as they engage in activism. Coca-Cola recently misfired when asked about their views on the Georgia Voting Law. They originally tried a “down-the-middle” response and then activists on the left called for boycott. After acquiescing and pivoting to the left, activists on the right subsequently boycotted.

To understand the challenges associated with controversial activism, I turned to Bruce Carter who, as a former supporter of both Bernie Saunders and Donald Trump, has a unique perspective and ability to cross the divide. He is an advocate for the underserved and has hosted multiple summits designed to create dialogue between local politicians, police departments and the urban youth. Below is his insight on what mass brands are getting wrong.

Kimberly Whitler: What mistakes do you see marketers making when they pick a…

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