Film boosts Wilmington businesses | Port City Daily

Wardrobe departments sometimes shop Second Skin Vintage for timeless clothing, boosting profits for the local business, according to owner Karyn Oetting. (Port City Daily photo/Alexandria Sands)

WILMINGTON –– Like a game of ‘I spy,’ when Wilmington-shot “Halloween Kills” hits theaters this October, scan the screen for a prescription pad used by a psychiatrist. It’s a micro detail for a major franchise, but fabricating that fake form is a job someone needed to do. 

Turns out, Dock Street Printing in Wilmington did it.

Housed in an unassuming brick building downtown, the independent print shop has a long history of printing props for movies and shows that dates back to the ‘80s. Soon after film got its footing in the Cape Fear following “Firestarter” in 1984, Dock Street Printing churned out campaign buttons and imitation government letterheads for the 1985 drama “Marie,” starring Sissy Spacek.

Over the decades, the…

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