Ford made a $1.8 million Mustang mistake

Jeff Flock on auto industry 

When you make a list, it’s good to check it twice.

Ford is offering 450 Australian Mustang Mach 1 buyers $4,040 each after an error was discovered in the car’s marketing material that promised features it doesn’t have.

According to Car Advice, the promotional brochure said the Mach 1 was equipped with a “high-performance Torsen differential, rear parking sensors, and radar cruise control,” none of which are included on the Australian-market version of model.

Ford initially offered free scheduled maintenance for three years plus a track day experience as restitution, including to those who ordered their cars after the error was fixed, but continued to get complaints and went on to improve the make-good offer, which could cost it up to $1,818,000 if everyone takes advantage of it.

Customers can also get a full refund on their cars or their deposits back if they haven’t received them yet. Ford Australia is only importing…

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