Ford project, tumbling tech stocks


Green energy takes hold in unlikely places with Ford project

GLENDALE, Ky. (AP) — When Ford revealed plans to ramp up its commitment to the electric vehicle sector, the automaker chose two states where Republican leaders have vilified the push for green energy and defended fossil fuels. The project is expected to create nearly 11,000 jobs and pump billions in investments into Tennessee and Kentucky. In doing so, it creates an ironic disconnect between the automaker’s bet on battery-powered vehicles and the rhetoric from many Republican leaders who have railed against a shift toward green energy and away from fossil fuels. Those leaders embraced the automaker’s announcement Monday.


Spike in bond yields spooks investors, deflates tech stocks

NEW YORK (AP) — Technology companies led a broad slide in stocks on Wall Street Tuesday as investors reacted to a surge in U.S. government bond yields. The benchmark S&P 500 index fell 2%, its worst drop…

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