Fort Myers business in the middle of construction project closes after 40 years

FORT MYERS, Fla. – A business in the middle of a Fort Myers construction project is shutting down after more than 40 years of serving the community.

The owner of Morreale Shoe Repair said a global pandemic didn’t force him out of business. John Morreale said the construction on US-41 leaves too many obstacles for potential customers.

“I can see where people have a hard time getting in and out of here,” Morreale said. “And they pass once, twice, they call us and say oh we’ll see ya some other time. We never get them, they never come back.”

Others working in the plaza said the barriers get in the way of doing business, driving away customers and making simple deliveries more challenging.

“Whenever I have a 16-wheeler that’s coming to do a delivery drive, they can’t turn in so they have to logistically put everything on a smaller truck,” Stephane Foreste said. “Some of them, they can work with us but most of them, they don’t…

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