French business owners push for a ‘Little Paris’ in NYC

A community in Manhattan is looking to honor New York’s French community all year round.

Victoire Lester, a Teacher at Coucou French classes loves all things French.   

“There’s a long history of love and friendship between Paris and New York, The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French,” said Victoire.

What You Need To Know

  • Business owners want to rename its block, ‘Little Paris,” on Centre Street between Broome and Grand Street
  • Business owners had custom ‘Little Paris’ signs made to adorn the block
  • July 14 marks Bastille Day which commemorates France’s independence. Business owners are utilizing festivities to draw support for the renaming

Victoire and other residents are pushing for a gift from their neighborhood, just north of Little Italy. They want the block to be officially renamed Little Paris.

“We don’t have a designated neighborhood in New York yet and we think that this area of Centre street between Broome and Grand is…

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