Gov. Spencer Cox doesn’t support banning business COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Gov. Spencer Cox on Thursday said if Utah lawmakers approve a bill to ban businesses from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations, it won’t make it past his desk.

“We support businesses in their decisions on whether or not to require vaccines, and I continue to do that,” the governor said during his monthly PBS Utah news conference.

“I know that position can be maddening to some, and that’s fine. But I’m a huge believer in free markets, and a mandate not to allow businesses to have mandates is a mandate in and of itself, and it’s government still telling businesses what they can and can’t do. And I’m opposed to that. I think that businesses should be able to have a mandate.”

A reporter asked if the Utah Legislature pursues a bill and it gets to his desk, will it be “dead on arrival?”

Cox gave a firm, one-word answer: “Yes.”

The governor’s comments come as conservatives in Utah and across the nation continue to grapple…

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