How hospitals should rethink threat defenses   

As cyberattacks on hospitals and health systems continue to escalate, the role of chief information security officer must evolve to adequately protect patients’ information and have a more prominent role in the business, according to a July 10 San Diego Union-Tribune report. 

“Every CEO, at this point, is now in the business of cybersecurity,” Lisa Easterly, CEO of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence, told the publication. “They need to be engaged and understand what the risk is on a real-time basis; the threat landscape is ever evolving and becoming more sophisticated.” 

Seven things to know: 

1. The average cost of a secure data breach is more than $7 million in the healthcare industry, according to a recent IBM study. Hackers can affect a hospital’s financials just as much as malpractice lawsuits, bad investments or changing economic conditions. 

2. While CISOs are generally responsible for keeping track of cyber vulnerabilities and…

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