How local companies attract, develop and retain talent

With businesses all over the Upstate searching for new employees it’s perhaps the perfect time to ask what those employers need to do to not just recruit, but retain the best possible employees?

It’s a pertinent question because, according to a study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person has 12 jobs over a span of about 30 years. Obviously, sometimes a job just isn’t the right fit, but what can employers do to make sure that they’ve created the best possible environment to recruit and retain good workers?

We spoke with two successful Upstate recruiting firms, Find Great People and Recruiting Solutions, to find the answer.

The first key to retention is perhaps the most obvious: Good compensation.

“Because of the volume of hiring, the demand for talent has exceeded the supply,” says Steve Hall, vice president of business development at Find Great People. “So compensation right now is critical because of the inflation…

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