How One Company Is Reinventing The Business Of Beauty While Empowering Women

Makeup for today’s consumer

Blushington Academy

Covid changed just about everything, including the way we experience beauty. We became accustomed to learning about, shopping for and buying makeup and other beauty products all virtually. Zoom lessons on how to apply makeup and do our hair became the norm. Simply put, the business of beauty has changed.

No one knows that better than Natasha Cornstein. The CEO of Blushington, a female-founded leader in makeup classes and curated beauty products, is a case study in not only how to pivot your business when life throws you a curveball, but how meaningful changes now will actually enhance your business when the dust settles. 

Natasha Cornstein CEO of Blushington


“I knew beauty was here to stay,” reflects Cornstein. So rather than close up shop and wait out the storm, she reinvented the brand. “We did it with an eye for longevity post pandemic. How could we meet the…

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