Indoor facility slowly regain its mojo | Business

URBANA — For a decade, the area’s soccer crowd — young and old — flocked to Soccer Planet, an open-at-all-hours indoor facility that took weather out of the equation.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“It was on and off after COVID hit,” Soccer Planet General Manager David Galvin said. “We took reservations for events and leagues, and then things changed, and we had to refund. That makes it tough on a business.”

Particularly one where close contact with others — usually strangers — was common.

“We are a very ‘in-person’ kind of business,” Galvin said. “Everything we do is in person and very physical. We had to limit everything we were able to do, and that was after we were able to do it.”

Soccer Planet, located at 2310 N. Willow Road in Urbana, opened in 2011 by founders Liz and Graham Berry, who…

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