Inflexible Wiggins needs to remember his vax status is Warriors’ business

Andrew Wiggins claims he wants to keep everything private. The Warriors’ lone unvaccinated player appeared at media day and while digging in his heels on his decision, he claimed privacy, over and over again.

The forward claimed to be “confident in his beliefs” yet refused to explain those beliefs.

“It’s none of your business,” he said.

Wrong answer, Wiggins.

This is a global pandemic, with more than 4 million deaths, and it is all of our business. Your teammates’ business. The paying customers’ business. Your bosses’ business. And the business of the media, who happened to be sitting in a small, enclosed room with an unmasked Andrew Wiggins.

Wiggins is among the NBA holdouts — ESPN estimates nearly 40 — who are threatening to derail plans, seasons and outcomes around the league. Bradley Beal and Kyrie Irving also are stubbornly holding onto their anti-vaccination…

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