Jeanerette, “a step closer” to business developments thanks to sheriff’s tax break

Councilwoman Lady Brown for Iberia Parish’s District 12 announced a special thank you on Wednesday to Sheriff Tommy Romero on his tax-break for an incoming bio-fuel plant.

Romero’s decision to approve a tax break for a company hoping to build a $70 million industry in Jeanerette could move the city closer to welcoming more businesses, she says.

“I and many other citizens feel that Jeanerette is oftentimes overlooked when it comes to new business development and believe the Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP) will attract other businesses that will offer jobs that will pay livable wages and improve the quality of life in our community, Brown said in a Facebook post.”

Louisiana Economic Development estimates the project would also result in 149 indirect jobs, for a total 275 new jobs in the Acadiana region.

The production facility’s peak construction would generate up to 100 construction jobs.

According to the sheriff’s press release, Delta Biofuels…

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