Judge’s ruling has consequences for spouse’s business

Doug Peterson, president of Peterson Properties LLC, terminated the lease of an Albuquerque architect married to a state judge. The action occurred as word spread on social media last week about a ruling by the judge. (Jim Thompson/Albuquerque Journal)

An Albuquerque architect who is married to a state judge said that his business lease was terminated last week in response to a legal ruling made by his wife.

Stephen Leos, the husband of 2nd Judicial District Judge Cindy Leos, said Thursday that he received a Sept. 23 email telling him that his lease was terminated and he needed to be out of his Downtown office by Oct. 31.

When he sought an explanation, property owner Doug Peterson told him, “I am terminating your lease because your wife lets out murderers and rapists,” Leos said, recalling a Sept. 24 phone conversation.

The comment was a reference to the Sept. 22 ruling by Judge Leos to release a man awaiting trial for allegedly…

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