Just Take Care of Business

The Chicago Cubs have just six games remaining in the march toward the end of the 2021 season. Three games against the Pirates in Pittsburgh, and then three against the Cardinals in St. Louis. The Cardinals are likely to have cemented their spot before this weekend, so I’m thinking that all six remaining Cubs games will matter exclusively for the Reverse Standings.

Tank, tank, tank, tank:

(via Tankathon)

The top line news here is that the Cubs can no longer fall out of the top ten *WITH THE EXCEPTION* of the Cubs winning every single remaining game, and the Mets losing every single remaining game. In that event, the teams would finish with equal records, and the 2020 tiebreaker would go to the Mets.

Otherwise, the Cubs should be set to not suffer the extra spot drop that would come with finishing with the 11th worst record. Cool!

As for moving up in the standings, it remains a nearly impossible road, given that neither of the Marlins or Nationals…

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