Leathers Insurance builds new space after business growth

Business owner Jerrod Leathers is moving his Leathers Insurance location from 101 East Buchanan Street to 603 Pinto Lane.

After some time growing his business, Leathers said it is finally time to move his location to a wider and more accommodating space.

Leathers has offered independent insurance services — selling interpersonal insurance such as house, car and health — to the residents of California for about six years, and he said that a lot of his work has paid off. As his clientele began to grow, so did his business. While Leathers said the new move will take some time to adjust to, he said he is very grateful for the opportunity and for the loyal customers that helped him along
the way.

“I would really like to add my gratitude to the people of California and surrounding areas for supporting my business,” Leathers said. “Almost all of the clients I started with when I opened Leathers Insurance in 2016 are still with me today,…

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