Local bison business expands in surprising ways – The Morning Sun

Pohl Bison, LLC along with other businesses connected to the Pohl family continues to grow in the mid Michigan community.

Krista and Jim Pohl first took an interest in bison after a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2008 for their 25th anniversary.

“Both of us were raised on dairy farms, and once we’d seen the beautiful bison in Wyoming, we couldn’t
stop thinking about raising a herd of our own,” Krista Pohl said. “So, we reached out to other Bison
ranchers in Michigan, started to learn what we could, and eventually just took the plunge.”

By the end of 2008, the couple were managing ten bison, but they were skeptical about whether there would be local appetite for bison meat. To develop a sense for customer demand, the Pohls opened a small store on their home property, which featured a variety of bison products, including some of their own.

This initially led to Pohl Bison, LLC being launched.

In the years that followed, both local demand for…

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