Low-Cost Carriers Predict Business Travel Will Be Back By Labor Day

Business travel is coming back to the United States, said Barry Biffle and Ted Christie, presidents and CEOs of Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines, respectively. They expect the business segment to bounce back during the second half of the year, allowing legacy carriers to focus on their high yield franchises and low-cost operators to remain with the leisure markets. Let’s investigate further.

Both Frontier and Spirit expect business travel to be back this year. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

When will business travel come back?

During Routes Americas 2021, both low-cost carriers’ CEOs spoke about how soon they think legacy carriers will pull from leisure markets. Ted Christie said,

“If they wanna make money, they have to do it at some point pretty quickly. Their job is carrying higher yielding traffic; they fill around the edges with leisure. The focus going forward will be on them building back their higher yield…

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