Major Ohio business groups resist House bill gutting vaccine mandates

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – A bill that would take the teeth out of vaccine mandates in Ohio’s schools and businesses received significant pushback on Wednesday from major interest groups.

House Bill 435, dubbed the Ohio COVID-19 Vaccine Fairness Act, was fast-tracked out of the House Health Committee on Wednesday, the same day it was introduced.

Its top-line exemption—for “reasons of conscience”—allows students or employees to refuse vaccination with a simple written statement. It would effectively transform all vaccine mandates into testing mandates with vaccination opt-outs.

Groups against the current bill include the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Ohio Manufacturer’s Association, the Ohio Hospital Association and the Ohio Christian Alliance.

Chamber CEO Steve Stivers says the new bill infringes on the rights of private businesses.

“The owners of those businesses should have the ability to manage their business any way they see fit, including…

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