Mangonadas by MLB grows business during pandemic

CORPUS CHRISTI,Texas — A Mangonada is a classic Mexican frozen dessert that Mongonadas by MLB in Corpus Christi has put a spin on by turning it into a sorbet with Chamoy (a typically spicy Mexican sauce).

Bianca Lopez, one of the owners of the family business, said it originated in Mexico as a frozen treat with a popsicle stick, but they’ve turned it into a sorbet-style dessert because they wanted to put a South Texas spin on it.

“I love giving my Mangonada and lighting up someone’s face. When they see it, it’s just a piece of art that has been given to someone,” Lopez said.

Yolanda Ibarra, who is both the mother of Lopez and also co-owner of the business, says it’s a bonding experience. It’s a family-run business: the M standing for Mario, Bianca’s husband, the L standing for Landa for Yolanda, and the B standing for Bianca.

Ibarra said they went to various places in Texas, like the Valley and San Antonio, to see what other mangonadas…

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