Michigan entrepreneur pivots business during COVID pandemic

A Michigan entrepreneur decided to pivot her business when the COVID pandemic triggered a shut down of the avenue for her to sell her goods.

The mother and daughter team has a new goal and it’s to show women that adversity doesn’t need to stop them.

Before the coronavirus pandemic began, Kirsten Fields from Holland had found her niche. She sold party craft kits to big-name retailers for their family-friendly in-house events.

Fields decided to look to other women who’ve faced adversity and that’s where she came up with the idea to focus on empowering girls. Her 12-year-old daughter, Addley, became the Chief Testing Officer of her business.

The product line focuses on mighty women. Instead of going to a store and trying to figure out everything you need, in the Mighty Women Craft Box you have everything you’ll need for a project — and more.

Pre-orders are being taken now.

Click here to learn more about Kids Crafts or pre-order a box.


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