Nantucket restaurant desperate to fill jobs, hiring 8th graders

Straight Wharf Restaurant chef and partner Gabriel Frasca discusses the decision to offer hiring incentives and how the labor shortage is impacting restaurants in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

On the tony Massachusetts island of Nantucket, your restaurant server at that upscale restaurant this summer may have just come from middle school. 

The nationwide worker shortage has hit a new extreme prompting chef Gabriel Frasca, on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast”, to explain that Straight Wharf Restaurant has resorted to interviewing eighth graders.

“We’re at the point in the hiring process where not only are we considering eighth graders but we’re interviewing them,” he said. “That’s new … for me but hey, he’s got housing.”

Frasca explained that the restaurant’s location in Nantucket has a specific issue when it comes to hiring limitations since commuting is not an option. Altogether, the restaurant has been experiencing worker shortages in recent years…

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