New business serving up sweets in Downtown Freeport

FREEPORT (WREX) — A new business serving up sweet treats is coming to downtown Freeport.

Munchies owner, Jahari Allen has had this vision for a while and is excited to see his and his family’s work come to life.

“For me it’s just been hard work and dedication,” says Allen. “A lot of planning you know reaching out to specific people to learn and educate myself.”

The restaurant will feature over 75 varieties of cereal, “Instagram worthy” snacks and treats, hot food and much more.

He hopes that starting this business will help motivate others.

“Just hope to young people, especially African-American males to know that you know no matter where you come from, no matter what you’ve been through, you could still reach your goals.” Allen said.

Allen has not done this alone, he has had a lot help from his family. One of his younger sons helps taste test, the 4-year-old giving his expert opinion.

“And I also like Frosted…

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