OC business making their voices heard through petition

OCEAN CITY, Md.- A small business is trying to make their voices heard with a petition that will hopefully allow them to start their operation of setting up beach gear and cleaning it up.

Sand Taxi said because of an ordinance in place they are unable to do their work.

Which they believe is also a huge disservice to some people who are disabled or even elderly, where setting up gear could be a hassle.

But this small business called Sand Taxi, wants to change that.

Last summer they said they saw a business offering beach gear transportation- set up- and clean up in Ocean City.

The owner told us they started to feel things out, by creating social media pages, and seeing if it was something that people were interested in.

And she told us the demand is there.

However, when the owner went to go apply for their license in May, they found out there was an ordinance created during the off-season that prohibited beach gear set up and clean…

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