On the Job: Auto repair business gets Crytzer revved up | News

Julie Crytzer said she and her father were “joined at the hip” as she talked about her introduction into the world of taking care of automobiles.

Growing up with six brothers, she was treated the same as her father who taught them all about cars.

He worked in heavy equipment but was laid off from his job. So, he bought some property on Market Street and Julie joined him in the automotive business 31 years ago.

He got called back to work and Julie took over Tech Tube ‘N Lube.

She has her own tool box and is a certified mechanic who has worked on cars for 30 years.

The world of car repairs has changed dramatically over the years, she said, with all the computerized equipment in vehicles today.

Not all mechanics/technicians are the same, she said, with ratings based on experience and…

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