Pandemic drives a new business with car-sharing platforms on rise

ATLANTA (NewsNation Now) — Thinking about renting a car soon? Good luck with finding one. These days, rental cars are in short supply. 

In Atlanta, most major rental companies are running out of vehicles for the weekend. But there’s a new business model stepping in to fill the void. 

Peer-to-peer car-sharing services, described as Airbnb on wheels, offer cars owned by regular people.

Brandon Marines and his girlfriend Natasha Yen are cashing in by renting out their personal vehicles through

”We started this about six months ago — and we made $15,000 with three cars,” Marines said.  “I’ll tell you this … I have not paid one car payment.”

The pandemic has paved the way for car-sharing platforms such as Turo and GetAround. Last year, rental car agencies sold off hundreds of thousands of cars to stay afloat. Now, a global semiconductor shortage is cutting the production of new cars and making it…

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