Petaluma plastics company serves as business model for adapting to pandemic

At the heart of it, Dubisar said, employers are converting the workplace from rows of assigned desks to a layout she called a “neighborhood” with a “free address” for employees when they are there.

Dubisar, who works with technology companies in the Bay Area and globally, said they are grappling with different percentages of employees returning to offices.

“The workplace is becoming an ecosystem of enclosed and open spaces allowing choices in when and how you work,” she said. “It’s really important that there is a place co-workers can come together.”

Dubisar predicted this period of “iterative experimentation” with workplace design and strategy would continue for at least another year before companies settle on a suitable office layout and workforce strategy that doesn’t diminish a healthy culture.

Stacey Walker, interior designer and principal at TLCD Architecture in Santa Rosa, said people now have a different…

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