Political ‘infighting’ could mean more delay for New York’s legal marijuana business

Albany, N.Y. — The New York State Legislature ended its official 2021 session today without taking action on a vital piece of the state’s recent law legalizing marijuana.

There is still no control board or agency that can create the specific rules and regulations for a legal marijuana industry.

Neither Gov. Andrew Cuomo or state lawmakers submitted official nominations for the agency that will oversee the cannabis industry, so no votes were taken before the session ended. That appears to indicate some level of political disagreement over the appointments.

While possession of small amounts of marijuana (up to three ounces) has been legal since April 1, without specific agency regulations there is no legal way to buy it or grow it yourself. Even if the agency and board nominations had been dealt with this week, estimates were that it could take up to a year for the new Office of Cannabis Management to write the rules and issue licenses.

This could mean…

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