Poll: Latinas more likely to open their own businesses, despite pandemic setbacks

Latinas in the U.S. are more likely to own, or plan to open, their own businesses than non-Hispanic women, despite the pandemic’s disproportionate burden, a recent poll found.

Why it matters: The survey, conducted by Telemundo, the Latino Victory Foundation and Hispanics Organized for Political Equality, suggests Latinas can be a driver of growth for the U.S. even though they have faced greater COVID-19-related setbacks.

  • Before the pandemic, Latinos and Latinas were opening more small businesses than any other group in the country, and were growing revenue at a faster rate than white, non-Hispanic-owned small businesses, according to a Stanford report.
  • Latino businesses that were women-owned, however, had twice as many closures and more layoffs during the pandemic.

Hispanic women have been especially hard hit by the pandemic. Many either lost work they haven’t recovered, or they left their jobs or their studies to be caregivers at greater rates than…

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